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Kariton Art Gallery

The Poetry of Art

Mar 17th - Apr 17th

Central Fraser Valley Graphics Guild Presents 

The Poetry of Art

painting and poetry

silent brush strokes

words that ring

imagery and colour

emotion and stories

one art form inspires

the other, together

they are dynamic

the visual and the voice!

The Goldn Years

April 21st - May 22nd

Opening Reception 

April 21st 6-8pm

The Goldn Years, is a collaborative effort highlighting the engagement of the short "golden" years between a mother and her child(ren). Combining the photographic skills of Britt Menzes, and artistic skills defined through theory and painting of Chalie Howes, The Goldn Years have emerged. Captivating images of a mother adorned in gold with her children engaged in playful gestures of love.

Upcoming Events

Vicki Urbich presents a garden glass workshop April 7th 2018 10am - 4pm. She will guide beginner glass workers through creating decorative mushrooms and plant stakes from glass.

Tickets available here.

How to Monetize your Art 

Sage Media and Marketing will be sharing tips and advice on Marketing and Monetizing your art. Running Saturday mornings throughout May 2018 at the Kariton Gallery.

Info and Tickets here.

Artist Opportunities

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence is a self-directed program offering opportunities for artists to work from the Kariton Art Gallery. Learn more and apply here.

Artisans Wanted

The Boutique at the Kariton Art Gallery is looking to add some new talent to their unique shopping experience. Please email to apply.