Upon receipt, submissions will be reviewed by a committee to confirm eligibility. Nominees meeting all eligibility criteria will be notified by the Abbotsford Arts Council via email. Notification will occur shortly after the submission is received and confirmed. The nominee will have from the time of notification until August 30 2018 to respond and fully complete submission requirements. 

This being the case, the earlier you submit your entrant, the more time they will have to prepare their materials.

Each entrant will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and to submit a short biography, headshot photo, 3-5 photos of themselves engaging in their artistic practice (preferably), and any other supporting materials (video, written works, etc.) to the Abbotsford Arts Council by the August 30 2018 deadline. 

The nominee can click here to complete the Nominee Questionnaire.

Once all of the requested materials have been received, the submission will be considered accepted. 

Entrants who do no not submit all of the requested materials by the deadline may be disqualified.

All submitted materials could be used in event promotion and/or at the awards ceremony.

The submission form, questionnaire, and supporting materials will be reviewed by a panel of judges specific to each category and selected by the Abbotsford Arts Council. The panel will vote by secret ballot to select category finalists and the award recipients.

The Abbotsford Arts Council and judging panel would like to thank everyone who has applied.