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Enjoy a family day at the Kariton Art Gallery (2387 Ware Street) at Mill lake on June 30th from 4 to 10pm to celebrate the close of National Indigenous Month! This will be the official opening of the very first Downie Wenjack Legacy Space west of Manitoba. The opening will be highlighted with a day of family crafts, Indigenous performers, a variety of musical talent including David Morin and speakers such as Sarah Midanik, Executive Director of the Downie Wenjack Fund. Bring a picnic and set up by the lake, enjoy a selection of local food, tour through the current exhibition “A Walk in the Cedars” in the gallery, and have fun! For more information on this event or Canadian musician David Morin, see web links below. Raphael Silver, Sarah Midanik, David Morin and members of the Abbotsford Arts Council (Aaron Levy, President, or Will Davis, Executive Director) will also be available for interviews upon request.

About Downie Wenjack Fund Legacy Spaces

The Downie Wenjack Legacy Space at the Kariton Art Gallery will feature an ongoing rotation of local Indigenous art and serve as an open community gathering space.

The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund Legacy Space project is an opportunity for schools, businesses, restaurants and the corporate sector to answer Gord Downie’s call to action for reconciliation, “Do something.” and to help the Downie Wenjack Fund to support further ReconciliACTION in Canada.  A Legacy Space within an organization is dedicated to reconciliation and showcases an organization’s commitment to our collective reconciliation journey.  It is meant to be a space where conversations about reconciliation are encouraged and serves as a constant reminder for employees, clients and guests of your organization’s commitment to reconciliation. For more information, see the Downie Wenjack Fund website at